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Ojo de Tigre is a 100% Mexican artisanal mezcal, launched in Mexico in 2018 and in the United States in 2020. Our founder, Luis Gerardo Mendez, together with Casa Lumbre, works every single day to maintain the artisanal spirit of mezcal. Together, they have created a mezcal that beautifully blends the sweet and smoky flavor of the Espadin from Oaxaca with the herbal complexity of the Tobala from Puebla, and invites everyone to enjoy mezcal.

As a result, Ojo de Tigre Mezcal has received recognition and industry accolades. Most recently, Ojo de Tigre Mezcal was awarded: Gold at Spirits Business Tequila & Mezcal Masters 2022, Gold at IWSC Awards 2022, Gold at World Spirits Competition San Francisco 2022, and Platinum at SIP Awards 2022. #TheMezcalforAll.


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Tiger’s Eye.

The name Ojo de Tigre Mezcal draws inspiration from the semi-precious stone known as Tiger Eye. People of ancient times wore Tiger Eye as an amulet, believing that it offered protection and good fortune.


Ojo de Tigre
Ojo de Tigre
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